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QuakeHits reopened as a
traffic exchange on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 2:40 PM EDT (Miami Gardens, FL USA).

The following programs have paid us daily since 2009.
They are FREE to join and will pay you too.

The Buck Stops Here!
(El Jefe!)

The Buck Stops Here

C. E. Hayes,
QuakeHits Admin,
General Manager,
Wearetheservice Inc
(Empresario de la compania SomosElServicio)

QuakeHits.com : Welcome

Welcome To South Florida!

Let QuakeHits SHAKE UP Your Mind!!

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QuakeHits Sells Advertising!
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QuakeHits uses PAYPAL as its Payment Processor
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QuakeHits provides advertising for its members.
Membership is free! (Juntar es gratis!)

Free membership can be upgraded to any of three levels of paid advertising.
Upgraded membership gets much more advertising than free membership.

It also earns you 75% commissions on each upgraded referral.

QuakeHits has 3 upgrade rates: $5 per month, $10 per month, or $20 per month.
That's a possible $3.75, $7.50, or $15 in commissions, respectively!

Do you have a product or company that you want to advertise or promote?
Join, advertise, and promote with us!

Before You Leave

At QuakeHits you need not spend hours surfing to make money.
We have a quality program that can reward you richly
with 75% commissions!

QuakeHits runs on Eastern Daylight Time.

QuakeHits: The South Florida Manual Traffic Exchange!

What Is A Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a place to advertise your hobby, your interest, your product, your service, or your business.
Other people, just like you, advertise here at QuakeHits.
When you use a Traffic Exchange, which we call surfing, you will see page after page of interesting advertisements, offers, revelations and excitements.

How you get from page to page determines whether the traffic exchange is a Manual traffic exchange or an Auto traffic exchange.
Manual traffic exchanges have an icon that you must click to get to the next page.
Auto traffic exchanges automatically advance you to the next page after a pre-determined time period has elapsed.
At QuakeHits, you must use your mouse pointer to left-click on a particular matching icon to advance to the next page.

When you view or surf pages at QuakeHits, you earn credits that you will use to show your promotion pages to others on QuakeHits!
It costs a single credit to show any web page to someone on QuakeHits.
QuakeHits is called an exchange, because you look at other peoples's pages, earning credits, in exchange to show your pages to others.
Traffic for you occurs when other people view your promotion pages.

You will learn many new things or be reminded of old things at QuakeHits.
You may enter an interesting community of opportunity for yourself.
Take the initiative and avail yourself of it!

However always, before you purchase anything from any promotion page you see on QuakeHits, please perform due diligence.
QuakeHits is only the portal through which the promotion pages are made available to you.
QuakeHits reviews those promotion pages for content and presentation appropriateness.
QuakeHits cannot guarantee your complete safety while interacting with promotion pages on QuakeHits!
We depend on you to REPORT any promotion pages that are questionable or suspect.
Look for the REPORT command in the left corner, top or bottom, while surfing (viewing) promotional pages.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link above and to the left.

Make Money Here!

When you tell others about QuakeHits you may earn a commission!
Upgraded membership pays a commission on your referrals who upgrade.
QuakeHits pays 75% commissions on your direct, upgraded referrals.

You do not want to be the last in line to upgrade at QuakeHits!

Upgraded Referral 75% Commission

Upgraded Referrals Mean Commission $$ For You!
Nobody Rewards Downline Building Like QuakeHits!

Steps For Success
Steps Things For You To Do
1Learn about QuakeHits
2Join QuakeHits
3Upgrade @ QuakeHits
4Surf @ QuakeHits
5Advertise & Promote QuakeHits
6Your promotions earn referrals!
7Your promotions build your downline!
8Go To Step 4

Last But Not Least

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link above and to the left.

Ours Terms and Agreement are referenced at the bottom of this page.
QuakeHits is not an Internet investment business.
QuakeHits will not ask you to invest any money.
QuakeHits will not pay you interest on any money you pay us.
If you purchase goods or services from QuakeHits there will be no element of investment in that purchase.
The entire purchase payment will be for the selected goods or services only!

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